• 120F SC UPC 벽걸이용 단자 박스 1×8 PLC FATB-0424S
120F SC UPC 벽걸이용 단자 박스 1×8 PLC FATB-0424S

120F SC UPC 벽걸이용 단자 박스 1×8 PLC FATB-0424S

제품 상세 정보:

원래 장소: 중국
브랜드 이름: FOCABLE
인증: RoHS Compliant, SGS Certificate, ISO Certificate
모델 번호: 광섬유 액세스 단자함 FATB-0424S

결제 및 배송 조건:

최소 주문 수량: 10 PC
포장 세부 사항: 1 PC / 통
배달 시간: 3-5days
공급 능력: 10000PCS/Month
최고의 가격 접촉

상세 정보

강화된 어댑터: 24 PC SC / UPC 또는 16 PC SC / APC 공항: 24곳 공항
IP 보호 수준: IP65 보호 수준 섬유: 120의 섬유
품질 관리: 발송하기 전에 100% 시험 분배기: 1*8 또는 1*16 분배기는 설치될 수 있습니다
하이 라이트:

120F 벽걸이용 단자 박스


SC UPC 벽걸이용 단자 박스


1×8 PLC 광섬유 분배기 카세트

제품 설명

Fiber Access Termination Box FATB-0424S with three-steps Splitter Cassettes


Fiber access termination box FATB-0424S is able to hold up to 24 subscribers and 120 splicing point. It is used as a termination point for the feeder cable to connect with drop cable in FTTx network system. It integrates fiber splicing, splitting, distribution, storage and cable connection in one solid protection box.



Water-proof design with IP-65 Protection level.
Integrated with splice trays and three-steps splitter cassettes.
Maximum 24F splice capacity, stainless anti-rust bolts and nuts.
Easy for maintenance and expansion.
Fiber bend radius control more than 40mm.
180 degree access with buckled lock structure. 
3pcs of 1*8 PLC Splitter can be installed in each splitter cassette.
24 pcs of mechanical por ts for 3-7mm drop cable.
1 mid- span cable entrance(10-16.5mm) for uncut cable and 2 reserved cable entrances for distribution cable gland(8-13.5mm).

Fiber Access Terminal Box FATB-0424S Parameter
Max Capacity
Reinforced Adapter
Splice 120 Fibers
PLC splittter
24pcs SC/UPC

3pcs of 1x8(SC)
or 24pcs SC/APC

● Wall-mounted installation
● Pole-mounted installation
● Aerial-hanging installation
● Suitable for 2*3mm indoor FTTH drop cable an outdoor 4-7mm figure-8 self-supporting drop cable


Standard Accessories
Splice cassette and cable management tool, installation nuts and bolts, protection sleeves, cable tube, key, wrench, rubber seal for cable entrance.


Optional Accessories
Pole mounted kits


120F SC UPC 벽걸이용 단자 박스 1×8 PLC FATB-0424S 0

FTTH Box, Fiber Distribution Box, Optical Fiber Terminal Box, Optical Distribution Box, Fiber Access Termination Box


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